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The female reproductive system's ovaries regulate the menstrual cycle and the synthesis of hormones like relaxin, inhibin, and progesterone. Infertility is brought on by the buildup of eggs, which causes the ovary to enlarge and release high amounts of male hormones. PCOD can manifest in several ways. Common indications include increased amounts of androgen. Male-pattern baldness, excessive body and facial hair, and other physical signs of excess male sex hormones may occur. irregular time frames. Due to the anomaly in the egg's maturation, you can experience irregular periods or a delayed menstrual cycle. difficulty conceiving as a result of irregular, delayed, or unsuccessful ovulation. Ovulation may be delayed or unsuccessful due to the body's hormonal imbalance, which prevents the follicles from maturing and releasing the egg. This has a significant impact on your menstrual cycle. When women go to the doctor about their failed attempts to become pregnant, PCOD is frequently identified.

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