Irregular Bleeding Treatment

Between-cycle bleeding, protracted bleeding, or an exceptionally heavy menstruation are all examples of abnormal uterine bleeding. Fibroids, polyps, hormonal abnormalities, and – in rare instances — malignancy are examples of potential causes. When you bleed outside of your monthly period or when your menstruation is exceptionally heavy and/or extended, you have abnormal uterine bleeding (formerly known as menometrorrhagia). Every 21 to 35 days, women will normally have their monthly period, which lasts around five days. If you have any unusual bleeding, you should let your doctor know. Your bleeding may be caused by a harmless thing. However, bleeding might be a symptom of cancer or other illnesses that could harm your fertility. The phrase "abnormal uterine bleeding" refers to bleeding that occurs in women who are not pregnant throughout their reproductive years. However, just because you're post-menopausal or pregnant doesn't imply that irregular bleeding won't have an impact on you. Contact your provider if you have undergone menopause and are bleeding. After menopause, bleeding is never typical. Blood can seem red, pink, brown, or even rust-like.

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