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Symptoms can be prominent at times or less so at others. Unaware that these symptoms are all related to PCOS, you might visit a dermatologist for acne, a gynecologist for irregular monthly periods, and your family doctor for weight gain if you experience acne, hair growth, or darkening of the skin in body creases and folds like the back of the neck (acanthosis nigricans). Only one symptom will be present in some women, whereas all of them will. PCOS can affect women of any racial or cultural background. Women frequently learn they have PCOS when they have problems getting pregnant, however it frequently manifests as early as age 11 or 12, just a few months after the first menstrual period. In the 20s or 30s, it can also manifest. Although the precise causes are unknown at this time, elevated androgen levels are a significant factor. Additional factors include being overweight and family history, both of which are connected to insulin resistance.

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