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Any patient can benefit from early disease and other health issue detection in order to live a healthier, happier, and occasionally longer life. In reality, for many types of cancer as well as other diseases, early identification can greatly improve survival rates. Because of this, medical professionals advise following a regular plan for physicals and the proper screenings based on your characteristics and risk factors. The suggested preventative treatment and screening for illnesses that are particular to women, such as those linked to reproductive and breast health, are part of taking charge of their health and being proactive. For instance, based on age and other risk factors, doctors advise women to get routine screenings such as mammograms, Pap tests, pelvic exams, and more. But according to Constance Wurzbacher MD, an OB-GYN of TriHealth's For Women and TriHealth Women's Services, there may be situations in which the frequently advised timetable for preventative care isn't "one size fits all." In order to receive the care that is best for them, she advises women to follow an annual routine for an examination with their OB-GYN.

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