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The gynaecologist will also keep an eye on the fetus's development and address any problems that can lead to an early delivery or an ineffective cervix. Doctors also monitor and provide care for pregnant women with high-risk pregnancies who may develop bleeding or an infection, gestational diabetes, or kidney infections. You should also contact a doctor for issues with infertility and menstruation problems, such as amenorrhea lasting more than three months. Other conditions that require a visit to the gynaecologist include acute discomfort, excessive bleeding, and pelvic pain. Referrals for mammograms should be made for women between the ages of 40 and 50 in order to rule out breast cancer. In addition to receiving frequent gynaecological consultations for a variety of difficulties, women need to be regularly checked for numerous illnesses and problems. These also include STD (sexually transmitted disease) testing. You can get advice from a gynaecologist on the most effective methods of birth control for your needs. Additionally, it's essential to learn about HPV vaccinations and undergo routine screenings for malignancies of the reproductive system.

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