It is essential to see a gynaecologist at least once a year, beginning in your teens and continuing during your life, to maintain the reproductive system’s wellness. Menstruation, fertility, and pregnancy are all related to menstruation and are the topics to be discussed with a gynaecologist. Menstruation fluctuates throughout a woman’s life, based on her overall health and different stages, especially pregnancy. PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), fibroids, breast diseases, and abnormalities of the female reproductive tract should all be discussed with a gynaecologist. Once a woman is sexually mature, she should talk to her gynaecologist about reproductive health, contraception, sterilization, and other reproductive concerns. Pregnancy is a significant moment in your life when you’ll need the help of a gynaecologist the most. Women who are pregnant or suspect they are pregnant should seek medical advice.

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